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Get to it.

BEDSLIDE is simply a better way to access your truck bed by turning it into an easy-access drawer. No more crawling around to get to your tools, gear or supplies. Simply grab the handle and pull, and the BEDSLIDE rolls all of your cargo out to you—saving time, effort and back pain.

Get to it.

Say goodbye to the aggravation of a normal truck bed. With CARGOGLIDE, you can stop crawling in the back of your truck or van every time you need to reach your gear. So stop scuffing your knees and breaking your back! Install a CARGOGLIDE in your truck and get your gear and materials out where you need them!

Get your gear.

DECKED revolutionizes pickup truck organization with a low profile truck bed tool box system. It’s an ergonomic toolbox which slides out tools, gear, and other items in heavy duty drawers at waist height while still allowing the

owner full use of their truck or van bed. DECKED is weatherproof, secure, ergonomic and made in the USA.

Secure Storage.

Hitch Cargo Carriers

Easily haul those oversize loads of ladders, drywall and more with an DARBY Hitch Extender. Fits trucks with 2" receivers and extends your truck bed up to 4 ft. Rust-resistant black powder coat finish stands up over time and welded loops help tie down loads. DARBY Hitch Extender handles up to 350 lbs.

No assembly required.

Made in Pennsylvania!

AMP BedXTender

With a distinctive U-shape design, this bed add-on provides your pick-up with the ability to securely stow both over-sized cargo and smaller items. When your tailgate’s down, the BedXTender HD Max can be flipped out to give you an additional 2 ft. of truck bed, and easily swings inward to make the perfect containment area when your tailgate’s closed.

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