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Fender Flares come in a variety of styles!

From low profile to big and bold. Most Flares do not require any cutting or drilling, and use preexisting factory holes to fasten securely.

A fender flare not only gives your vehicle a fantastic look, but Bushwacker also points out that a fender flare can help a truck or SUV stay in compliance with Vehicle Equipment Laws, and can in return help to lower the chance of police fines. Protecting the body from debris and rocks, the fender flares will help to protect your investment as well as provide a more custom look.

Fender flares are ideal for just about every truck with larger tires or custom wheels!

They are the perfect do it yourself upgrade for your vehicle or let us install them for you.

With different styles of flares, you’ll surely achieve the look and style you’re shooting for. Whether you’re trailing through the dirt, splashing through puddles, or just taking your truck out for a Sunday drive, we've got you covered!

Stampede Fender Flares are form fitting, stylish and practical. 

Easy to install, Stampede Fender Flares will make a bold
statement for your truck.

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