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Need a hitch installed on your car, truck, van, SUV? Here at TopCap we offer hitch and wiring installation services at excellent prices.

Which Hitch brands do we carry?

At TopCap we carry trailer hitches from brands such as  Curt, Pro Series, Draw-Tite, Reese and B&W. Each hitch is made for your exact year, make, and model of vehicle to ensure the best fit and carrying capacity




What can my hitch carry?

Hitches are commonly referred to as trailer hitches but are not just used to tow a trailer. The most common uses for hitches are actually to install a bike rack or cargo basket. Each hitch has both a tongue capacity and towing capacity. The tongue capacity is the maximum amount of weight that the hitch can support at the point of attachment while the towing capacity is the maximum amount of weight the hitch can support while towing a trailer.

Hitches are categorized by class based on their tongue and towing capacity. Class 1 hitches typically have a tongue capacity of 200 pounds and a towing capacity of 2000 pounds. Class 2 hitches typically have a tongue capacity of 350 pounds and a towing capacity of 350 pounds. Class 3 hitches typically have a tongue capacity of 500 pounds and a towing capacity of 5000 pounds. There are also Class 4 and 5 hitches used on heavy duty trucks and commercial vehicles. The capacity of a Class 4 or 5 hitch will vary based on the vehicle. Always refer to the hitch and vehicle manufacturers listed tongue and towing capacity to determine exactly how much weight your vehicle and trailer hitch can handle

Do I need wiring?

We commonly sell and install trailer hitches for use with hitch mounted bike racks and hitch mounted cargo carriers. If you plan to just use your trailer hitch with a hitch bike rack or hitch cargo basket than you do not need to have wiring installed. Flat 4 wiring is used for some towing applications where you only require brake and signal lights, such as a utility trailer or small tent trailer Other forms of wiring such as 7 pin wiring are used for towing applications where you have trailer brakes or need to charge a battery on your trailer.

Want to install your own hitch?

If you would like to install your own hitch we also sell hitches which can be picked up. Please give us a call or drop by our store to determine which hitch and/or wiring you need for your vehicle. Each hitch comes with the necessary mounting hardware required to attach the trailer hitch to your vehicle as well as instructions which show you how to install the hitch. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully to ensure the hitch is installed properly.

  • Brake Controller & Wiring

  • Fifth Wheels & Goosenecks

  • Rear & Front Receiver Hitches

  • Trailer Re-Wiring

  • Testing

  • Receivers

  • Hitch Pins & Clips

  • Tow Bars

  • Trailer Coupler Locks

  • Tow Bar

  • Cargo Baskets

  • Bike Racks

  • Snow Plows

  • Bed Extensions

  • Hitch Extensions & More!

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